“For the sake of the future generations, we take responsibility for the environment. We hold a certification from the Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC). We also take measures to minimize our negative impact on the environment in all stages of our operations because we know that Earth is our only home.”


All consumption, including furniture making, has an impact on the environment. As an Internationally recognized brand, Karpenter is committed to developing concepts and technologies that contribute to the sustainable management of the environment worldwide.


Only a holistic approach can ensure the lowest possible impact on the environment. To reduce our footprint we pay attention to some fundamental principles:

  • The use of low impact materials
  • The making of durable products to minimize the need for replacement and disposal
  • The reuse or decomposing of products no longer in use Working together with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC),

We hope to create a positive synergy between our efforts as a manufacturer, the needs of our customers and the responsibility of lawmakers to protect the environment.


Karpenter reclaimed wood use FSC certfied. FSC is an independent, not-for-profit organization that works to promote responsible management of the world’s forests. Karpenter has undergone a thorough review and certication process by FSC to ensure that all the reclaimed wood we use in all stages of the production cycle complies with international standards. Our Black Walnut and White Oak are sourced from sustainable forests in the USA and Europe that are managed according to principles of social justice, environmental responsibility and economic viability to ensure that its resources are renewable.


Design is also essential to the durability of furniture. People constantly change. Classy designs are easily adapted to new trends and changing life situations. This minimizes the need for replacement and is therefore gentler on the environment.


Our philosophy is to make furniture that last, and we use the best materials and technologies to achieve that. The combination of traditional knowledge and modern technology to shape wood-on-wood joints, such as mortise and tenon, creates unbreakable connections and outstanding stability. Precision is guaranteed by the use of modern machinery.


Time adds character and charm to wood, which again builds relations between people and their furniture. These are the characteristics of furniture that are passed down through generations. Wood can be renewed for centuries. If necessary with time, professional refinishing can uncover new layers of beautiful wooden surfaces to make the furniture look like new. Although Karpenter furniture is made to last, it is important to consider that old wood and metal can be recycled and made into new furniture, toys and other future objects beyond our imagination. Finally, wood is naturally degradable and organically returns to nature.

Solid Wood Only Logo

Solid Wood Only is our dictum.

We show no compromise on manufacturing our entire range of furniture with this unique and timeless material because we believe that the natural beauty of only solid wood is spiritful.